About Leo (Dat met Leo)

Auteur: Stefan Boonen
Illustrator: Melvin

– Graphic novel with layered illustrations that give the story speed and emotion
– Stefan Boonen and Melvin received a lot of praise for their other books
– Read this book together with the stunt book about Max Dumbbells!

A tragicomic story about wonder, missing your dad, the big city and about Leo.

One day Leo was not there. That is how it begins. His mum didn’t leave a note, the dog of the neighbours doesn’t bark at him. So he has to look for himself. Luckily Max wants to help him. Because he is sure: you are here, even if you are not for a moment. It is the start of a unique adventure, with a police officer, a bird, his dad, cake and a stuntman.

Have a look inside

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