The concert (Het concert)

Auteur: Jaak Dreesen
Illustrator: Ingrid Godon

Kevin plays the violin. His mum plays the cello. They often play together on the beach. Next week, mum is giving a concert, together with a pianist and a violinst. While she and Kevin rehearse the pieces of music, dad puts up posters all over the town. Finally, the big day has come. Dad and Kevin sit in the concert hall and listen to the nice music. In the break, the violinist stumbles and hurts his arm. He can’t play anymore. Luckily, Kevin brought his violin along!

A sensitive picture book about music and the bond between mother and son.

2nd printrun

Themes: mother, music, concert, sea

Rights sold: French

Was awarded a ‘Vlag & Wimpel’ for the text in the Netherlands (2004).

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