Max makes a friend (Max maakt een vriend)

Auteur: Claudia Jong
Illustrator: Kristof Devos

Timeless story about making friends and helping each other out
– With beautiful collage-like illustrations
– Rich in texture

While Max is assembling a friend, he unconsciously makes a real one.

Max has just moved. All his toys are in boxes and mum is way too busy. ‘Go outside,’ she says. ‘Make a friend.’ Max has to think about that for a while. Make a friend … With a lampshade, two pieces of wood and a coat hanger he goes to work. The neighbour boy comes lurking over the fence. But Max doesn’t have time for him. He wants to finish his friend!

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‘For children who read this: do you have few friends right now? Don’t worry, it will work out!
Just do as Max ;-)’ (Claudia Jong)

Kristof Devos came up with the idea for Max makes a friend. Claudia Jong has written a
swirling text for it. Max makes a friend is their second cooperation after Never is for always
(published by Davidsfonds).


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