Ozewiezewoze K-Z

Illustrator: Klaas Verplancke

  • Revised publication in two parts of the successful songbook Ozewiezewoze, winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2001
  • With new colourful and happy illustrations
  • Listen to ALL songs via www.ozewiezewoze.be

Classic songs for children never looked so colourful and happy. A must have for every family and every class or youth movement.

Collector Jan Van Coillie and illustrator Klaas Verplancke join forces again. The outcome is a double collection of songs for children with beautiful illustrations. The songs are sorted alphabetically: van Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water tot Zwarte Piet, wiedewiedewiet. The first part, from A to J, was published in the Spring of 2020. This second part goes from K to Z. Altogether there are 150 songs which you can find on the website www.ozewiezewoze.be.


Watch here the interview of Klaas Verplancke by Tom De Cock during the Boekathon.

‘This book is more than a reprint: this time Van Coillie collected no less than 150 famous songs for children and Verplancke pictured them very attractively and with a lot of imagination. Lastly Dries Desseyn placed everything together in a sophisticated whole, which makes this book just a little bit more special than an average book (…) A nice second encounter for those who know them, a treasury of songs which easily stand the test of time for those who discover them for the first time. A part of our heritage. The illustrations of Verplancke – full of fantasy and magic – exceed your imagination. He draws, paints, cuts and pastes compositions that freely associate on the songs. That way he tickles your imagination and gives a new meaning to the words. In an unparalleled way he breaches reality and plays with the unexpected.’ (Pluizuit on part 1)



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