Princess Arabella’s birthday (Prinses Arabella is jarig)

Auteur: Mylo Freeman
Illustrator: Mylo Freeman

It is almost princess Arabella’s birthday. The king and queen are at their wits’ end. What do you give a princess who already has everything? Yet princess Arabella knows exactly what she wants: an elephant. Her wish comes true. The princess is delighted, but the elephant is very unhappy. She continually sobs and moans: ‘I want to go home.’ After a while, the princess gives in and accompanies the elephant to her house. The baby elephant who waits for them is delighted: his mum has brought his favourite birthday present: a real princess.

A funny picture book about a princess who knows what she wants. With a surprising ending.

2nd print-run

Themes: birthday, princess, elephant, humour

Rights Sold: Portuguese (Brazil), French, English (world), Danish, Swedish

Has won a Feather of the Month (March, 2007)

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