Red, or why bullying isn’t funny (Rood, of waarom pesten niet grappig is)

Auteur: Jan De Kinder
Illustrator: Jan De Kinder

It’s very small, but I still see it. I point at Tom’s cheek. ‘You are blushing…’ I wink at Paul. Paul grins, Lena laughs. We whisper Tom’s cheeks full of color. ‘Leave me alone,’ Tom sighs. But we are unstoppable. A snap of our finger and Tom’s head is a red tomato. Paul is laughing louder and louder. This isn’t funny anymore. I want it to stop now. Will I tell the teacher? But what will Paul then do to me?

About a very delicate subject. This story can give cause for a discussion about bullying.

Themes: bullying, blushing, school, peer pressure

Rights sold: Chinese (mainland + Taiwan), Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, English (world), Spanish, Catalan, German, Greek, Danish, French, Slovenian, Hind, Afrikaans

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