Happy birthday, Rosy! (Rosalie is jarig)

Illustrator: An Candaele

Today it is Rosy’s birthday. The duckling wakes up at the crack of dawn. Mister Moon says that it is too early to be awake and sends her back to bed. Rosy counts many sheep, but can’t sleep anymore. Finally it is time to get up. Rosy is very excited and wonders what presents she will get. Yet, Dog and Sheep don’t sing songs or congratulate Rosy. Have they forgotten her birthday? Rosy walks off sadly. Suddenly she hears a noise in the garden. Her friends have prepared a surprise party for her!

An enchanting book about a duckling who is impatient to celebrate her birthday and as a result can’t sleep at night. Very recognisable for young children.

Themes: birthday, impatience, friendship, duck, moon

Rights Sold: Korean, Danish, Chinese (mainland), Portuguese (Brazil), Hindi, Oriya (India)

Has won the ‘Karel Verleyen’ prize for its text and illustrations (Belgium)

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