Saint Nicolas search book (Sinterklaas zoekboek)

Illustrator: Kathleen Amant

  • A vivid and accessible search book for toddlers
  • A large scale book: perfect for class

Peek inside the house of Saint Nicolas and his naughty helpers

In this book you discover life as it is for Santa Claus and his helpers: crossing the ocean together with a steamboat, picnicking in the garden, gardening in the mandarin orchard, walking on rooftops, … On every spread toddlers can seek and find a lot of stuff: a rubber duck, a red car, a mouse, a poop, … No toddler will be bored quickly with this big search book.

Kathleen Amant is the author and illustrator of a lot of toddler books. Her most famous characters are Anna and witch Mimi. She works as a fulltime freelance illustrator and author. The stories of Kathleen are very relatable for toddlers. They are set in their own living environment, focus on emotions and they always contain a spark of humour.



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