Sweet dreams, Rosy (Slaap lekker, Rosalie)

Illustrator: An Candaele

lt is time to go to bed. Mister Moon sprinkles sleeping powder on all the little ones who have to sleep. Dog and Sheep are allready snoring, while Rosy, the little duck, is still merrily hopping around. Mister Moon loses his patience and throws a whole bucket of sleeping powder down on Rosy. However, the naughty little duck is also very smart and hides under a rhubarb leaf. She rides Sheep’s scooter and eats Dog’s biscuits, in short: she has a great time. Yet, even the most adventurous child gets tired sooner or later…

2nd printrun

Rights sold: French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Hindi, Chinese (Taiwan + mainland)

Was given the first prize by the Children’s Jury Limburg (2003).

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