Snail and Worm and Chicken’s kiss (Slak en Pier en de kus van Kip)

Illustrator: Leen Van Durme

– Big book for children who are learning to read
– With simple words the author has created a true language feast
– With lively illustrations

A cheerful collection of stories about competition and friendship. Is making friends more fun than winning?

Worm doesn’t like Snail. That’s why he comes up with a plan to get rid of her. Chicken holds a competition: the one who dresses up most beautifully, wins a kiss from her. A kiss from Chicken, that probably doesn’t end well for Snail! Worm finds six tips to make Snail look pretty. Li Belle, Caterpillar, Spider and Bee are generous with advice. But will Snail fall for it? And does Worm still want to get rid of Snail?

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