Zuperman (Zoeperman)

Auteur: Tine Mortier
Illustrator: Marjolein Pottie

Zuperman is four years old and wears a blue suit with a red cape. When someone calls for help, he immediately dashes off to his or her aid. One day, he saves the cat of Sophie, the girl next door, from a tree. Sophie’s kiss takes him to the seventh heaven. Again Zuperman hears a cry and he hastens to the rescue. But his mum does not need help, she wants to wash Zuperman and his suit. Zuperman fights and screams, but his mum is stronger. She is a Zupermum! Every day, she prepares yummy meals and tucks Zuperman in at night. Her goodnight kiss guarantees the sweetest dreams…

A funny story about the great deeds and the weak points of a child hero. In the same series: Zuperquick and Zuperspider.

2nd print-run

Themes: fantasy, mother, hero

Rights sold: French, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish

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