Zuperspider (Zoeperspin)

Auteur: Tine Mortier
Illustrator: Marjolein Pottie

Every Saturday little Zofie and her mum visit. While the mums are drinking coffee downstairs, Zuperman and little Zofie go on an adventure. But today it’s only Zofies mum who’s at the door. Little Zofie is at a party. Zuperman is very disappointed! He is bored to death. Suddenly he hears screaming. The mums are in danger! Zuperman flies downstairs and sees… a Zuperspider! Time for Zuperaction.

A very appealing story for active boys and girls.

In the same series: Zuperman and Zuperquick.

Themes: child hero, mother, spider, fantasy

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