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For information on translation rights of our books or reading copies, please contact our agent: 

Sarah Claeys
Rights manager
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The Unicorn* is real.

It is an extraordinary and headstrong creature, a dreamer, a storyteller. It carries an independent publishing house on its back, where exceptional children’s books are created.

The Unicorn grazes in a place where imagination and freedom live, where beautiful illustrations and strong stories come together, where readers get to know themselves and the world around them.

Galopping between literature and the joy of reading, the Unicorn broadens the horizon of the children and adults that flip through its books. 7 Unicorns work in the Unicorn stable, offering a warm home to over 120 authors and illustrators from Belgium and the Netherlands. During his international travels, the Unicorn has brought more than 400 translations in 35 languages to readers around the world. The Unicorn has also discovered lots of outstanding international (picture) book makers and gives Dutch-speaking readers the opportunity to discover their stories.

The Unicorn is real, and it loves to colour outside the lines.

* The name of our publishing house, “De Eenhoorn” means “The Unicorn”.

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